Client: Private
Status: RIBA Stage 5_Construction
Location: Devon
Area: 360m2

Wixels comprises the remains of an early 19th-century sail loft, later converted into a residential dwelling in 1920. The internal layout has been reconfigured by different owners throughout the 20th century with the modest character of the original sail loft now being difficult to discern beneath later conversions.
StudioExe Architects' proposal seeks to replace low quality and more domestic-type features on the exterior to better reveal the industrial sail loft character and features such as the Dutch gables. The confusing interior additions and breaks to the layout will be removed to create a  more connected internal layout which will reinstate a greater sense of connection within what was once the long open interior of the 19th century sail loft.
A programme of essential structural underpinning and repair works will also be carried out to secure the condition of this Grade 2 Listed Building for the long-term future. The dwelling will adopt a 'fabric first' approach which involves sensitively upgrading the performance of the floors, walls, roofs, windows and doors that make up the building fabric. Renewable technologies such as 2No. air source heat pumps and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery will be used to service the dwelling.

Existing Photograph

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