Client: Private
Status: RIBA Stage 5_Under Construction
Location: Devon
Area: 395m2

This innovative Paragraph 79 Devon home is located within an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), will not be connected to any power, gas, water or waste connection and once fully completed will generate all of its own power through solar, storing it indefinitely through its own hydrogen store. By storing surplus energy in the form of hydrogen, solar-hydrogen projects offer a long-term renewable storage solution for homes.

The key points of Paragraph 79 are set out below:

‘reflect the highest standards in architecture’
The Autarkic House has been designed to connect architecture, landscape design, construction and mechanical & engineering to create an outstanding piece of design driven by a clear innovative concept - A new way of living ‘off-grid’ fuelled by hydrogen, sourced from solar energy.

‘significantly enhance its immediate setting’
The scheme has been developed to simply reflect the function of the house and provides a solution to the immediate environment. The house morphs into the sloped topography; the external envelope is seamlessly clad in larch planks sourced from the woodland; the main roof benefits from an extensive green roof with hanging ivy planting and ribbons of biodiversity enhancement will stretch across the site reaching into the proposed enhancement of the surrounding woodland.
‘be truly outstanding or innovative, helping to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas’
As well as having an exceptional design, the Autarkic House has been developed to be truly innovative. The house is to be the first fully off-grid hydrogen house in Europe, that can support modern family living, all year round. The mechanical & electrical engineering concept has defined the architectural form and construction. This concept, which supports legacy educational proposals, will help raise the standards of design in rural areas and lead the way in sustainable residential builds.

‘be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area’
The Autarkic House has been developed to become a key part of the historic parkland. The building sensitively embraces the historic characteristics of the site and responds to a historic trail by physically embracing it. The existing historic trail is to be enhanced and highlighted through bluebell planting and Rev Swete’s 18th century woodland character is to be restored throughout the wider context of the site. This sensitive approach, together with the house morphing into the immediate setting, creates a synergy between the proposed architecture and landscape.

CGI by studionesh

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